Creative Journal #3- Overpopulation

Growing up in rural Saskatchewan it is hard to believe that our world is densely populated, or that Earth is at risk of being over populated. The more I learn about over population, the more I think that it is not that the Earth is overpopulated, it is that so many areas are overpopulated and many areas are underpopulated, People do not want to live in rural communities, they are not nearly as convenient as urban areas, there is no such thing as a 3 am McDonalds run, or multiple schools to chose from so this deters many people from wanting to live in rural settings. I understand it, those that are coming from other countries are not always wealthy and are unable to get high paying jobs but in a city they have more options. You can rent a house or apartment, there is more than one place to work and you can take the bus everywhere. Small towns do not have these options, owning a vehicle in a small town is essential, most people don’t rent because houses are much cheaper in rural areas than cities and there are no apartments because there are not enough people for them to be profitable. While small towns are becoming smaller in population, cities are becoming more crowded and expanding even more.

Last semester I took a Geography 120 class, one of  the topics was on overpopulation and how it will impact the environment. There were two different models for us to learn, one was referred to a the J-Shape, which stated our population would continue to grow until it reach the environmental limited, which is when disease, famine, and war would rise creating a severe decrease in population. The other option was much happier, it was referred to as the S-Shape, which stated the population would grow until it reached its environmental limit, and than due to technological advances the environment limited would increase allowing for more population to survive off of our resources. I think it will be a combination of both, people are greedy, not all people but enough people that they make a major impact. No matter how high the environmental limit is I think we will eventually reach it if society keeps behaving in a way that makes all resources seem renewable and expendable. For something to change it needs to be more than the politicians making the rules, scientists, and the general public need to have some say and need to be aware of the impacts they are having. People have a tendency to chose to ignore things that they don’t want to hear about, but if we make it so that the problems are heard everywhere people might being to be more aware and start to think about the changes they can do, As for overpopulation, I think that it is only part of the problem but it’s one that needs to be solved with technology not with laws banning reproducing or child maximums.

1 thought on “Creative Journal #3- Overpopulation

  1. Brooke, you bring up some interesting points related to the ecological issue of overpopulation. A couple of wonderings: Hypothetically, say we all decided to spread out evenly on the Earth… no one person taking up less or more space than another. Do you think the over population problem would then be solved? Alternatively, perhaps, we go on living as we are expecting that somehow ‘technology’ will ‘fix’ the issue of overpopulation… this reminds me of David Suzuki’s analogy of the bacteria in the test tube (, he claims that technology can’t be a solution because of the way that exponential growth operates. If technology creates another ‘test tube’ (or more food, space, energy, etc.), won’t this just allow us to keep growing exponentially? Does it give us much more ‘time’?

    I like that you’re recalling previous learning from Geography 120, how might you attempt to represent these visually to complement your written piece? Taking photos of your creative journal (paper) entries and including them along with your commonplace blog posts would be very useful.


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