Creative Journal #2- TREES

In my journal I drew a picture of a tree. When I think of all the nature in the world, I think about how vital it is to the survival of humans. Plants are able to  convert Carbon dioxide (what humans and animals breathe out) into Oxygen (what humans and animals need to breathe to survive), which is why a tree is my focal point of this week’s journal. One of the articles that we had to read was called Breath of Life, Sustainable Living, and Ecological Literacy had many key words that I have chosen to focus on. Atmosphere is the biggest word on my page, this is because all life forms on Earth are found within the atmosphere, AIR is also large because all things in nature need air to survive. I included the quote “Temporary stress is essential to life” because the author doesn’t seem to define what temporary is, at what point is too much stress or too little stress? How can there be a thing as too little stress? The world is a lot more than a billion years old so maybe the stress that we are currently putting on it is only temporary, if stress is needed for life than is it possible that everyone is overreacting on the climate change. Things need to change in order for life to happen, Change happens everyday, the Earth is constantly changing, maybe humans are just a catalyst to the change that is inevitable.

I have always have nature as part of my life, but most of it is artificial nature. In the Spring farmers are seeding and I work in the greenhouse. Both of these jobs are important to my community, the farmers make up for more than half  the town and more than half the students at our school. The greenhouse supplies jobs to many people in town, as well as provides the plants and seeds for gardens, it is much easier to make a trip down the street for gardening stuff than to the city when you are in the middle of farming season. While both the plants and the crops make for nice scenery, they are hardly natural but more so an essential part of human survival. Even though the crops and greenhouse plants are not purely natural, there are still plants that convert CO2 into oxygen which make them important, just like the trees that grow in the wild.

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